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How To Plan A Successful Casino Night Fundraiser

A casino night fundraiser is a great idea for raising money for charities and non-profits alike. Always be sure to check with the state Attorney General’s office and/or the State Gaming Commission as to the legality of your event. No matter how big or small the fundraiser is, there’s one thing I always attribute their […]

Going To A Casino Party Night Does The Body Good

Did you know that attending a casino night every once in awhile or going to casino events once a month can do the body good. Why? This can allow a person to relax during a casino fundraiser and spoil themselves by eating rich foods they usually wouldn’t consider indulging. Many times working professionals build up […]

Low-quality Rental Equipment Makes a Big Difference During Casino Events

Why is it important to have the same size, brand when hosting any casino events or holding a casino fundraiser? It may not seem much of a difference to have a 39 cm versus a 40 cm poker chip. But that extra centimeter makes a difference in size, sometimes feel, and also in chip storage. […]

Future of Casino Events Depends on Success of Casino Night Or Casino Fundraiser.

I have been thinking of organizing a Vegas-style casino night. I heard Blackjack and Roulette are possible the easier games for newcomers to casino events to learn. Some experienced casino fundraiser attendees told me Texas Hold’em may not be a good game for beginners. Learning how to play the game is helping me determine what […]

Casino Fundraiser Brings Strangers Together For Casino Event

Any casino fundraiser can bring strangers or guests with more introvert personalities together. This is because many casino event games require player interaction and can be a great way for a shy guest to meet a more outgoing person at a casino event. At a casino event or casino fundraiser, many guests use the opportunity […]