Casino night parties mean fun for everyone and deciding to host one is easy. Planning an event, coming up with theme ideas, and knowing where to purchase supplies is tricky. Before you begin looking for supplies and venues, give yourself a head start and plan your party out on paper. Think of every possible way your invitations and refreshments can fit your theme. You want to make a lasting impression on guests so don’t limit your party to one central idea. Be adventurous and thorough with your brainstorming. While you’re at it, checkout the advice Full House Casino Events has to offer planners. We’ve been in the business for years so learn from us and throw the best casino night party ever.

How Casino Parties Work

Craps-300x200  There are many ways the Casino night party can go. The following are just suggestions, please keep in mind that your event can be fully customized to your needs. We will provide a case of starter chips to you, the host.You will then pass out these chips to guests as they arrive. If while playing guests ever run out of chips, they can comeback to the host for more (Picture yourself as the ATM for the night). Every Starter Chip is blank which allows the host to set a dollar amount for each chip. Normally, party hosts choose $500 per chip but you can set on any denominations. Once the chips have been passed out, each guest takes theirs to any of the casino tables and the dealer will cash in their starter chip for actual playing chips ($5, $25 & $100). These chips are what your guests will use to play at the various casino tables. At the end of the event the dealers will collect the chips from each guest and exchange them for raffle tickets provided by us. Normally, every $500 the guest has in playing chips equals one raffle ticket. For example, if I had $1,000 in playing chips, then I would receive two raffle tickets. Once all guests have returned their chips, the raffle tickets go into a drum provided by us and the host can raffle off prizes such as movie tickets, gift cards, bottles of wine, etc…

Are Casino Parties Legal??

If this is the first time throwing a casino party, you may want to know how a casino party actually works. Since the tables are provided as entertainment purposes only, and there is no actual gambling going on you won’t need a special permit. This is not the case if you are planning to host a casino fundraiser. If have more questions about the legality of hosting a casino party, then call our staff to get your questions answered.