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Using A Casino Party As A Networking Event

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Casino parties make a wonderful and entertaining backdrop for networking events. Guests come to have a good time, and playing games together is a great way to break the ice with strangers, leading to more relaxed and personal networking conversations. When you are thinking about hosting a networking event, it is important to make sure […]

How To Get Local Businesses Involved In A Casino Night Fundraiser

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Casino fundraisers are a wonderful way to raise money for an important charity, or special project that will benefit your community. They are fun and engaging, and provide multiple ways to generate revenue to meet your fundraising goals. When you are in the process of planning your event, one of the most important resources that […]

San Francisco Casino Table Rentals

At Full House Casino Events, we are proud to offer full-scale Vegas-style casino parties in San Francisco! We specialize in creating Casino themed events throughout the Bay Area. We have all the popular casino games (Craps, Roulette, Black Jack, Poker) providing high quality casino tables, fun professional dealers and other services such as Vegas showgirls, […]

Casino Table Rentals In Boston, MA

BLACKJACK TABLE – $350   Pricing includes: 1 Blackjack table with casino speed felt, leather arm rest & wooden legs 1 Blackjack Dealer for up to 4 hours of gaming Blackjack Dealing Shoe, 4 Decks of Cards & Discard holder 500 Clay Chips with $5 to $500 denominations Dimensions: 6ft wide x 4 ft deep – […]

Learn To Play Craps: A List Of Craps Call Outs

If you have ever been to a casino party put on by you may have heard some crazy phrases referring to the roll of the dice. Some do serve a purpose, but for the most part they are said to add humor and spice things at the . This postis to help you not be […]

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How To Plan A Successful Casino Night Fundraiser

A casino night fundraiser is a great idea for raising money for charities and non-profits alike. Always be sure to check with the state Attorney General’s office and/or the State Gaming Commission as to the legality of your event. No matter how big or small the fundraiser is, there’s one thing I always attribute their […]

Easy Access Casino Tables, Organized Supplies Equals Success!

What makes a casino party successful and what is a good casino party theme for an event? Sometimes, party success simply means having a creative casino party theme. And,the more organized casino party supplies are, the better organizers are able to ensure lines move quickly, guests are served easily, and things run smoothly. Having easy […]

Going To A Casino Party Night Does The Body Good

Did you know that attending a casino night every once in awhile or going to casino events once a month can do the body good. Why? This can allow a person to relax during a casino fundraiser and spoil themselves by eating rich foods they usually wouldn’t consider indulging. Many times working professionals build up […]