If you are looking to rent premier blackjack casino tables contact Full House Casino Events. Our blackjack tables are made with vibrantly color casino speed felt, black leather arm rests, and wooden legs. Each table is designed to accommodate one dealer and up to seven players at a time. Cards and chips are conveniently stored in builtin trays for the dealer. These items are also included in the table’s rental pricing. They are easy to move and set up takes only seconds. We recommend each table be placed in a space eight feet by five feet. This provides a comfortable amount of room for the table, dealer, and players.

If you are looking to supply your casino party with the best tables available then contact our staff. We are located throughout the country in major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Austin. For information on our pricing and package options, visit our pricing pages. Let our staff help you make your casino party night the best it can be. Call us today! 888-599-0104

  • Plays 7 guests at a time
  • Dimensions for this table are 6’x4′. Total area needed (with players) is 8’x5′.