Let us Help Plan Your Party

When you are planning your next casino party, we can help you think beyond the game tables and build a full Las Vegas experience that your guests will love. Our beautiful and authentic Vegas Showgirls will elevate your event, adding a real sense of glamour and excitement to the casino floor.

Professional showgirls can enhance your event in a variety of ways. 

Our Showgirls make an eye-catching addition to any casino party. They will arrive dressed in colorful, authentic feather costumes, exactly like the ones that you would see in a real casino show. Showgirls can greet guests as they arrive, walk the casino floor to provide atmosphere, and even pose for photographs throughout your event. 

Vegas Showgirls are able to provide the following services: 

  • Authentic costumes: Our showgirl costumes are completely authentic, and look exactly like the costumes you would expect to see in Las Vegas. Each feathered costume also includes a full-height feather headpiece. 
  • Greet guests as they arrive: As your guests enter your event, our showgirls can immediately create the feeling of an authentic casino by greeting them at the door in beautiful, authentic costumes. 
  • Game Liaison: Showgirls can also help guests find the games that they want to play, and distribute casino chips throughout the night. 
  • Create a sense of atmosphere: Walking the floor of your casino party, our showgirls will mingle with guests and add to the feeling of authenticity and excitement at your event. 
  • Pose for photographs: When your guests see our beautiful showgirls, they will want to stop and snap a picture. This is a wonderful souvenir for guests to take home and share with their friends. 
  • Announce the winners of raffles or silent auctions: Our showgirls can help facilitate auctions and raffles, by taking to the stage to announce the winners. 

Looking for a little something extra? 

Our professional photo booths are a wonderful way to enhance your Vegas Showgirls package. We provide fun props that your guests can use to create memorable photo souvenirs. Our showgirls can also pose with your attendees, and encourage them to engage with the photo booth throughout the night. 

Additionally, we offer a discount on multiple tables, so that you can build the Vegas experience of your dreams, with all of the games that you want to see on the casino floor. Contact us about pricing, and for help planning your perfect casino event.

Ready to get started? Contact Full House Casino Events today at (949) 439-5207 for a quote. We can help you create your perfect Las Vegas experience.